Only 10 days left to back the Nyxt browser crowdfunding campaign!

Only 10 days left to back the Nyxt browser crowdfunding campaign!

Nyxt is a productivity focused, infinitely extensible power-browser. It comes with Emacs / VI bindings and is completely programmable. You can transform it any way you like!

In just the last months, we've released three new versions! Lots of exciting features, from hooks to continuous improvements to the "minibuffer" (a.k.a. the "power bar") to empower the users in a never-ending quest to fuzzy-searching everything!

The project has been seriously taking off these last couple of weeks. We would like to thank our 27 contributors, and all the users and testers that asked for new features, suggested improvements or reported bugs. Thanks!

So what exactly can you do with Nyxt?

And much more, as you would expect from your daily driver: adblocking, proxy and Tor support, Javascript blocker, etc.

We need your support!

Nyxt is being developed by a small team of computer scientists with a passion for changing the world of browsers. We rely on your support to keep development going!

Last month we started a crowdfunding campaign so that we can get to work on the next version. The campaign is ending on Friday, October 4th, and we've still got a long way to go. Only your support can help us go forward, every $1 helps!

We are also actively looking for people who would like to sponsor/be sponsored by us. If you are interested, get in touch by writing at

Interested in what's coming next?

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for your support! ;)