2021-10-29, updated: 2021-11-19

Tags: release.

Nyxt 2.2.2

Nyxt 2.2.2

We are happy to announce Nyxt 2.2.2. This is mostly a bug-fix release with some minor improvements.

Change log:


  • HTTP redirects are no longer stored to history.
  • Selecting hints in prompt-buffer no longer scrolls the page automatically, press C-l instead.

Build and compilation changes

  • The source tarball now embeds the Git submodules and thus fixes build errors about missing dependencies.

Platform support

  • Fix type errors when building with some unusual compiler. (Thanks to @lpaviets!)

Bug fixes

  • Fix prompt buffer paging.
  • switch-buffer is no longer triggered when there is no buffer to restore.
  • On various occasions, KeepassXC entries could be missing from the prompt, this is now fixed.
  • lisp-repl now prints all results properly.
  • Onion URLs are now supported. (Thanks to @hendursaga!)

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