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Nyxt 3-pre-release-5

Nyxt 3-pre-release-5

This release features even more improvements to the UI, particularly the status area and prompt buffer.

Please feel free to share your feedback on our GitHub issue tracker!

You can download Nyxt 3 Pre-release 5 here.

You can see the new status area design below:

The new code blocks are far easier to read:

Note: many of the links below are designed to be opened in Nyxt.


  • Code listings on manual and help system are more readable.
  • The REPL features shell cells , which pass commands to the underlying system shell.
  • The prompt buffer tab interface has been updated. Tabs are stably sorted and do not shuffle around. It is now possible to middle click to delete tabs.
  • Many prompts are filtered more aggressively, resulting in more exact suggestions.

Programming interface

  • Spinneret tags like :nxref , :ncode , and :nbutton are refactored for debuggability and obviousness.
  • New ntoc tag for Table of Contents generation.
  • The REPL is extensible via cell class and its methods.

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