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Nyxt 3.8.0

Nyxt 3.8.0

We are happy to announce Nyxt 3.8.0.

This release features bug fixes and new features!

Happy Hacking :-)


Please find the changelog below. Note that many of the links below are designed to be opened within Nyxt.





Bug fixes

  • Fix bug with subsequent invocations of define-configuration on the same class and slot being overwritten by the first.


  • Keybindings are shown in a more user-friendly way, when using the CUA keyscheme.
  • Modes in the status area are shown vertically in their tooltip to improve readability.
  • Stylistic review of the help system pages to improve readability.

Programming interface

  • Fix Nyxt connection via commands start-slynk and start-swank on the Flatpak distribution.
  • Fix warning signaling when a mismatch between the history file and the current Nyxt version exists. It is only raised when the major version differs.
  • Buffers of type editor-buffer have plaintext-editor-mode enabled by default.

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