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Radio Študent Interview

Radio Študent Interview

By John Mercouris

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Radio Študent from Slovenia. You can find their website here: https://radiostudent.si/.

A brief description of who they are (from their website):

RADIO STUDENT is an independent medium. At Radio Student there are only a small number of full-time employees, which are joined by over 200 regular contributors: journalists, art and music critics, D.J.s, announcers, technicians etc. The majority of them are students and young people, and a number of them are highly respected intellectuals, journalists, artists and university lecturers.

You can see the full quote and more information here: https://radiostudent.si/info.

In our interview, we covered Nyxt, what makes it different, and what our vision is for the future. We also covered a wide range of interesting topics about the modern Internet, and the upcoming challenges we will likely face.

Half of the interview is in Slovenian, and the other half in English. Please enjoy :-)

Radio Student Interview

Direct link to MP3 file:

Radio Student Interview