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Nyxt 2.2.1

Nyxt 2.2.1

We are happy to announce Nyxt 2.2.1. This is mostly a bug-fix release with some minor improvements.

Change log:


  • Re-added the inferred-keyword source to the bookmark prompt buffer.
  • Numerous documentation fixes and updates.
  • define-schemesyntax has been extended to allow importing other schemes. See the manual for an example.
  • Arbitrary HTML is now allowed in mode formatting.
  • *Bookmarks* buffer is automatically updated when deleting entries. (Thanks to @shamazmazum!)
  • Processes can now be stopped in process-mode.
  • New repeat-times command.
  • List methods in class descriptions.

Build and compilation changes

  • Quicklisp is no longer used to fetch dependencies. Instead, all Lisp dependencies are pinned and fetched via Git submodules into the _build subdirectory. This should improve reproducibility. The NYXT_QUICKLISP environment variable has been replaced by NYXT_SUBMODULES .

Platform support

  • Quicklisp can now be properly loaded when Nyxt was installed via the .deb file.

Bug fixes

  • Properly handle cancelation in yes/no prompt-buffers.
  • Fix sandboxing. (Thanks to @tiberious726!)
  • Fix toggle-mark in visual-mode. (Thanks to @hendursaga!)
  • Report load-after-system warnings. (Thanks to @hendursaga!)
  • Properly scroll into view when in visual-mode. (Thanks to @aaron-tan!)
  • Fix upload of files with wildcard characters in their name. (Thanks to @shamazmazum!)

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