2022-07-12, updated: 2022-07-14

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Nyxt 3 Pre-release 1

Nyxt 3 Pre-release 1

We are so happy to announce that after 6 months some 1.5K+ commits, we are ready to show you a preview of Nyxt 3! As always, there's a lot of new features (bugs), so your feedback is critical!

This is a test release for everyone to try out before the final release. It contains experimental features and some parts are still unfinished. Please feel free to share your feedback on our GitHub issue tracker!

You can Download Nyxt 3 Pre-release 1 here.

Notable highlights:

For the complete change list, please consult the built-in changelog command.

We hope you enjoy these new features, and that they help make you more productive. Thanks for reading :-)


Below are a few screenshots! Please bear in mind, this list is not exhaustive!

A new default theme

A new default theme that is more readable and meets all contrast requirements for accessibility.

Improved jump to heading

Sections are now sorted by their naturally occuring order in a document. They additionally show their depth/level in the prompt buffer.

A better Lisp REPL

The Lisp REPL now offers completion to help you test things on the fly!

Results in the Lisp REPL are intelligently rendered depending on the data structure they are. A list for example is displayed as a list!

The new describe-any command allows you to find information about anything regardless of whether it is a function, a class, a slot, or otherwise!

Access to the Gopherspace!

With support for Gemini and Gopher, Nyxt is capable of accessing and browsing the alternative (small) web!

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