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Nyxt 3.4.0

Nyxt 3.4.0

We are happy to announce Nyxt 3.4.0.

This release features bug fixes and new features!

Happy Hacking :-)


Please find the changelog below. Note that many of the links below are designed to be opened within Nyxt.




  • Enable native spell-checking from WebKitGTK. The language can be set via command set-spell-check-languages . The list of dictionaries is provided by Enchant.
  • Add prompt buffer keybindings for commands previous-page ( UNBOUND ) and next-page ( UNBOUND ) .

Bug fixes

  • Fix theme configuration via Common Settings Menu .
  • Honor the value of environment variables $XDG_DATA_HOME , $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_CACHE_HOME for the Flatpak.


  • Add cursor change on hover for buttons and links in internal pages and panel buffers.
  • Improve user experience of pick-color ( UNBOUND ) .

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