2022-03-08, updated: 2024-03-12

Tested with Nyxt 2.0.0.

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The first non-English press release about Nyxt: dessa vez, em português!

The first non-English press release about Nyxt: dessa vez, em português!

By Pedro Delfino

Nyxt has received some press coverage over the last months and has been featured in Debconf, FOSDEM (2020, and 2021), Radio Student, EmacsConf, Gavin Freeborn's YouTube Channel (Demo and Interview), DistroTube's YouTube Channel, and It's FOSS. As far as we know, all the press coverage so far has been in English - except for a direct translation to Portuguese from an article written by It's FOSS.

Last week, to our surprise we realized that there was a new and original content about Nyxt being produced in Brazilian Portuguese! The blog Terminal Root wrote the article Nyxt, um navegador estilo Emacs feito com Common Lisp. It provides basic instructions to install and run Nyxt.

Since most people in the world does not speak the English language, we are glad to see spontaneous articles like this one happening and we hope this is just the beginning of the organic internationalization on content about Nyxt. If you know articles about Nyxt already written in other languages, please send the pointers via our contact form.

In case you know Portuguese, you may also find the following links interesting:

Fique ligado e que o poder do Nyxt esteja com você!_

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